About the Sound Effects Library

Welcome to the Just Gore – Add On. Welcome to over 790 royalty free, gorgeous bone braking, blood soaking and flesh slicing Splatter SoundFX.
This huge hardgore, construction kit contains all the sounds of gore you need for your horror-, action-, thriller-, slasher-, monster-, martial-arts-, zombie- or fantasy-, Movie or Video-Game.
So, whenever you need that extra disgusting sounds for a breaking bone, a punch to the guts or a brutal dismemberment, here you will find it.

The library is split in the following categories:
Bone Breaks and Snaps, Crunch and Rip Off, Cut and Slice, Blood Squeeze and Drip, Splatter and Splats, Stabbing, Punches and Hits, Swoosh and Swish

Number of Files: 793 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 553.7 MB
Sample Rate: 96/192Khz /24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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