About the Sound Effects Library

Now you don’t have to hurt anyone to get these types of sounds! No more mafia boss interactions, No need to arrange meetings with your hitman, No need to lure unsuspecting victims to your recording location!

bloodlustnew-lg-1As fellow gamers, we get how nasty game sound can get! Whether your characters smashing zombies heads, fighting off bands of orcs, or battling gooey spider hatchlings, We created Bloodlust to cater to Top tier game developers and designers to provide them with audio assets that inspire and invoke murder, death, and war-fare! With State of the Art 96k/24bit Single Triggered designed fx, Bloodlust injects dream game gore sounds into your brutal game without all the mess of post production!

1,000+ Designed and Source Files 1+GB of Samples All in 96k/24bit Game Gore Sound Library Perfect for Games and Film Delivers Sickening Audio Assets Saves Blood, Guts and Fear No Lives Lost During Production Acquire Bloody Impacts, Stomps, Breaks Bashes, Rips, Tears, Cuts, Slices, Peels Spurts, Squishes, Smashes, Gut Opens Blood Spills, Flesh Chunks and Head Drops Goo, Alien Sac Opens, Drips, Juices, Bone Breaks, Snaps, Hits, Crunches, Gore Movements and Textures Blood Farts, Stab, Split, Gib-lits, Touches, Wet Slides, Swooshes, Swatches, Squeezes, Pours, Massacres, Innards & MORE

Number of Files: 1132 High Quality WAVS (42 Minutes)
Size Unpacked: 1.65 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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