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5 Shoes, 25+ surfaces 15+ variations!. (You can never have enough footsteps). – By Foley Supervisor Joshua Reinhardt and professional Foley walker Lara Dale.


Microphones used: Neumann KMR81  and Sennheiser 416

Deep heavy metal, crunchy snow, old boat wood, crisp grass, gritty dirt, clean tile this library has it all! This is hands down the most extensive footstep library on the web!

Not only does this library contain walking but it’s pretty much every performance you can think of from scuffs to jumps and lands and scrapes. With this library you can cut foley for pretty much any film or game that comes your way.

Every file is labeled with a description of the shoe, surface and performance type! Every folder has a picture of the shoe and surface plus a description of the distance of the mic from the foley walker. Combine wood creak sweeteners with Ultimate Interiors wood for scary creaky wood or add grit to a clean interior to give character.

Same recording studio mics and preamps used in over 50 major motion pictures including 12 Years A Slave that Won 2014 best picture – Same boots that were used for Sylvester Stallone in THE EXPENDABLES – Mix and match shoes, surfaces and sweeteners to make your own custom characters!!!

Can be used as a stereo or separated and mixed/matched as a mono depending which mic works best for your project!

17 different Performances – From slow walk to RUN, 5 scrapes, bodyfall/land, stomps and more!

Foot wear type:
Boots, Dress Shoes, Flats, Heels, Sneakers.

Extremely Slow Walk, Medium Slow Walk, Walk, Jog, Run, Stairs Slow, Stairs Fast, Stomp, Land, Scuff, Scrape 1, Scrape 2, Scrape 3, Scrape 4, Scrape 5.

Surface Types:
Asphalt, Carpet 1, Carpet 2, Concrete, Hardwood, Hardwood house, Hardwood deep, Hardwood parquet, Hardwood boat wood, Hardwood Dock, Lino, Marble, Tile, Dirt, Grass, Metal grate, Diamond plate Metal, Metal Slab, Wood Creak 1 old, Wood Creak 2, Gravel, Rocks, SNOW!!, Puddle, Water shallow, Water Deep.

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