About the Sound Effects Library

Developed in exclusive collaboration with Academy Award®-winners Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson, The Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects provides clean, natural recordings of everyday actions for seamless integration into your projects.

Enhance actions and characters with lifelike Foley sound effects.

With a huge variety of props, surfaces, and variations of each sound, this go-to Foley sound library has you covered. Craft your scenes with common Foley recordings like footsteps, cloth rustle, and body grabs – as well as practical and peculiar objects like chair slides, glasses, coins, plastic, aerosol spray, butterfly wing flaps, and much more.

What is Foley? Foley is technically the act of recording sound effects performed in-sync to picture, using various props and surfaces, often on a Foley stage. In this case, these Foley-like sounds were recorded by Mangini and Anderson to fill out temp mixes of feature film projects before the traditional Foley process – with a focus on discrete actions within natural sonic environments.

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Foley effects need to strike the perfect balance of natural and expressive. Each recording in this library was masterfully captured in natural acoustic environments while creating the sound for hundreds of major feature films and TV shows – with an incredible attention to detail for variations in action to make sure you’re covered for all kinds of movement.

“Much of what constitutes this library are wild sounds that Richard and I recorded because we didn’t have Foley yet. We would usually perform our ‘pre-Foley’ sound effects in acoustic spaces like rooms, halls, or wherever would make them sound most natural and useful in perpetuity across different projects.” – Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road)

wave iconAdapt for Any Project
Fill in any of your scenes with a wide and flexible array of footsteps, surfaces, props, and performances.

Invaluable Resources
Strengthen your library with world-class sonic ingredients specifically recorded for hundreds of Hollywood feature films and TV shows.

Authentic Sonic Mastery
These sounds were captured for feature films throughout award-winning careers by two masters of the craft.

Seamless Integration
Many variations of each sound were recorded in natural acoustic environments, providing an optimal level of blend into your scenes.

Work Faster
Easy, Accurate Search: Our sounds are embedded with rich, optimized metadata to streamline your workflow with lightning-fast pinpoint searches.

Number of Files: 4592 High Quality WAVS (30 hr, 45 min, 42 sec)
Size Unpacked: 18 GB
Sample Rate: 48-192kHz/24bit
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