About the Sound Effects Library

Packed with over 750 high-quality recordings, the Useful Interface sound library delivers a diverse collection of tastefully crafted user interface sound effects for your UI needs. Featuring menu actions, expressive gestures, beeps, whooshes, transitions loops and more, this library covers all the bases with subtlety and style. Boost the interactive user experience your game or app UI with practical, satisfying tones. Enhance your films with a unique synthetic edge for sci-fi projects and beyond.

The Useful Interface library was recorded and produced by Jason Strawley and Andrew Garraway, employing both synthesized and organic sounds to create their ideal UI toolset:

“In my experience, a lot of UI sounds out there are not ideal. Some are zany, cartoony, or over-designed. Others are harsh, discordant, and hard to listen to – closer to an alarm. Of course this is necessary if the message you’re trying to get across is ‘nope’ or ‘danger,’ but it seems like these types of sounds make up a majority. Many are fully synthesized, which is great, but I feel the results are often better if you start with an organic recording as the seed.” – Jason Strawley

Flame whooshes, musical instruments and 8-bit chip sounds are among the tools utilized to create the source recordings. They were then ripped apart, layered and modulated, resulting in a wide variety of textures and moods. Additionally, all sounds have been play-tested in Wwise to ensure responsiveness and usability. With 12 expressions in each set, Useful Interface contains no shortage of workable options to bolster your UI and enhance the experience of your project.

Walkthrough Video:

Photos from the Recording Process:

Number of Files: 753 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 420 MB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/16-24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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