About the Sound Effects Library

Just Impacts – Simple: a huge collection of plain impact sounds. Metal hits, wood impacts, glass smashes, junk crashes, … 618 Sounds in 360 files.

This is a must have construction kit whenever it comes to a movie or game scene where something hits something else.

Think of car crashes, robot fights, sci fi battles or any other kind of impact that needs the right sound effect.

Number of files/sounds:
360 files / 618 sounds
Quality: 96Khz /24bit
Total Size: 848 MB

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Just Impacts – Designed: This collection of 300+ heavily designed cinematic impact sound effects make your trailers go BOOM!

Whenever you need that sound to give your trailers, teasers, station IDs or action movie scenes the appropriate acoustic weight…here you get 300 of ‘em.

From subtile heavy bass booms to brutally distorted, ruthless shredded and granularized impacts – you find it here!

Number of files/sounds: 300 files / 302 sounds
Quality: 96Khz /24bit
Total Size: 1,12 GB

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Just Impacts – Processed: 300+ sound effects of huge dry impacts. Layered and heavily processed for maximum weight.

This will come in handy whenever something huge hits something even larger. Giant door slams, large hits, huge robot fights, heavy metal drops, …



Number of files/sounds: 300 files / 321 sounds
Quality: 96Khz /24bit
Total Size: 604 MB


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