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Authentic T-34-85 Russian World War II Tank Sound Library / 45GB+ of source material

NN3A8544Recording of a T-34-85, the legendary Russian tank from World War II, equipped with a 500hps 12 cylinder diesel engine.The recording consists of 16 onboard channels, including interior, engine, exhaust, intake, tracks etc and 14 exterior channels. It contains startups, idles, shutdowns, driving at different speeds, approaches, aways, passbys, foley and a lot more.


Number of Files: 362 WAV files
Size Unpacked: 46.3 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Contains complete meta information and descriptive file names.
Gear Used: Sound Devices 744, Sound Device 788 – Sound Device 702 – Zaxcom – MKH418S – CSS-5 – LS-11 – Holophone – MKH415S – Schoeps CMC6 OMNI – DPA4061 – PZM – RE-50 – RSM191 X/Y – Zoom H4N – ECM907 – CM3 X/Y – M10 – LS100

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