About the Sound Effects Library

Extensive recording of a well used Ford Ltd Crown Victoria from 1990. It has a 302 cubic inch, 5 liter, V8 engine, in this version rated 152 horsepower. The car has a 4-speed AOC automatic transmission. The recording includes all kinds of driving at various speeds, cruising, startups, shutdowns, reversing, driving at constant rpms, gearing, various accelerations and decelerations, long and short ramps. Some foley is also included, like doors, hood, parking brake and gear shifter and IR sweeps. It consists of 12 onboard channels covering several interior, engine and exhaust perspectives, and 13 exterior channels with microphones positioned at different spots around the recording location, to cover approaches, aways, passbys and more at different speeds. Total recording time is 45min 51s.

Number of Files: 341 High Quality WAVS (-)
Size Unpacked: 18.76 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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