About the Sound Effects Library

Experience this huge soundbank of skin-crawling zombie sounds, expertly recorded for maximum scare factor!

Includes 110 audio files of stomach churning Hisses, Roars, Groans, Grunts, Sequenced sounds, Throat Fluids, Breath sounds and more… All in cutting-edge cinematic horror quality and multiple WAV and MP3 formats for your convenience.


Featuring a huge variety of situational sounds, such as Warnings, Attacks, Fearful Screams, Hurt and Deaths voice sounds, and many more. Combine them together to create your very own undead horde! OR use the included Idle and Attack zombie horde sounds, pre-made for you!

Buy now and bring your humanoid monster character to life!


• Video Games
• Casino Slot Games
• Film / Animation
• Ads / Trailers
• YouTube videos
• Music Productions
• Live Events
• Sound Design
…and all other audio-visual productions

• Huge variety of Roars, Groans, Hisses, Grunts, Warnings, Attacks, Sequenced sounds, Throat Fluids, Breaths, Hurt and Death sounds and more
• Perfect vocal styles for multiple genres (Adventure, FPS, RPG, RTS Games, Casino Slots, etc.), any scene or situation
• Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing
• Categorized, organized and individually labelled files for maximum use efficiency
• FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!

• Number of Audio Files: 330 (110 original sounds)
• WAV Format: 24 Bit / 96 kHz, 16 Bit / 44 kHz
• MP3 Format: 320 Kbps
• Download Size: 470 MB

Number of Files: 110 High Quality WAVS (29m 31s)
Size Unpacked: 470 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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