About the Sound Effects Library

ph-waves-ocean-lake-and-riverThis sound effects library contains waves recordings from 3 places around the world. It is a collection of small and large waves from the strong North Pacific Ocean with heavy wind and big rolling waves recorded on the remote northern coast of California to the calm Zaslavskoe Lake which has been recorded from 3 sides: East, West, and South. The east side of the Zaslavskoe Lake has big rocks where water can be heard breaking against them, driven by a strong wind. And, of course it contains waves from Russian River Volga, the longest river in Europe. This library contains a variety of distance recording points for getting sound at close, medium and far distances.

Number of Files: 30 High Quality WAVS (1 hour 18 minutes+)
Size Unpacked: 4.9 GB
Sample Rate: 96-192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Neumann 185 MT stereo matched microphone pair with Sound Devices 702 recorder, Octava 012 cardioid stereo matched pair with Marantz PMD661 recorder for Volga River.
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