About the Sound Effects Library

The Gut-Wrenching Gore Library gathers 1066 clips in 24.39 gigabytes. Recorded from 6 synchronized perspectives in 192 kHz, it shares horror sound design elements in two themes: male and female vocalizations and fruit destruction.

The vocalization showcase screams, choking, gurgling, gobbling, teeth and biting, and breathing, each with a variety of takes and performances. Body blows, stabs, hits, and gore were provided by tearing, breaking, and squeezing fruit, vegetables, and other food such as watermelons, leeks, porridge, yogurt, tomatoes and others.

The package includes Pro Tools and Reaper mixing sessions, and embedded metadata in every clip.

Number of Files: 1066 High Quality WAVS (-)
Size Unpacked: 24.39 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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