About the Sound Effects Library

From all 4 earth’s corners, air streamlines the environment and shapes our stories. Discover the cinematic world of rare winds!

This sound library is the ultimate achievement of a really ambitious project of recording winds from very remote places across the world.

Included are authentic recordings from the Boreal region (North hemisphere: in Canada and Iceland), from the Austral region (South hemisphere: Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and the Last Hope province in Chile), on Islands in Mediterranean region (Thira in Greece), in the Sahara desert (Marocco), Isle-aux-Grues (Canadian winter), and more (see file list for more details)

These were recorded either in urban settings, countryside, or complete wilderness.

Included is a set of useful synthesized, tonal, and designed winds.

The sounds are categorized into 3 folders: Designed, Indoor & Outdoor.

102 stereo files
Highly focused and meticulously edited sounds
Ready to use Loop
Urban area and Wild area
Useful Designed & Synthesized Wind Sounds
Recordings from the Boreal region (North) in Iceland & Canada
Recordings from the Austral region (South) in Argentina & Chile
Recordings from Islands in Greece & Canada
Recordings from the desert in Marocco
Abandonned houses and shelters
Marina, lake, forest, car, flags, arctic, metal pole, prairie, street, mountain, grass, …

Number of Files: 102 High Quality WAVS (233)
Size Unpacked: 7.5 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH8090, DPA 4060, Lom MikroUsi, Sound Devices Mixpre6, Sony PCM D100
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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