About the Sound Effects Library

With every purchase of RDG sound libraries – Receive a free 1.4 GB Suburb Rain library.

Metal-Shelf-3This library features recordings of a metal shelf being shaken, slammed, scraped, and other torturous things. In this library, you’ll find metal slams, moans, squeals, shakes, taps, and sounds of rocks being poured over it. There are lots of nice resonant sounds filled clangorous textures. Great for creating creepy tones for suspense and tension.

This library was recorded with a Barcus Berry Contact Mic going into a Barcus Berry 4000 preamp and a Sound Devices 702..

All sounds in this collection are in stereo 24bit 96khz Broadcast Wave format. Files are in a zip file, which includes a PDF with detailed metadata.

Technical Specifications
134 audio files
24bit 96khz Stereo Broadcast Wave.
Library size is 655 MB Unzipped.



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