About the Sound Effects Library

Have you ever been in an car accident that left your personal vehicle totaled? Do you remember the sudden sound of crunching metal? Did your insurance company dump it in a yard outside San Francisco? If so, we might have obliterated whatever was left of it. Who knows? We don’t.

This library offers the sounds of Jaws of Life scissors cutting, crushing and spreading apart doors and hoods. Glass-breaking sound effects were created by sledge hammering windshields and exploding windows. Car parts were dragged on pavement, great for cutting scenes with scattering debris.

Ten surrounding exterior microphones recorded demolitions while the Holophone, positioned precariously between the two front seats, captured interior perspectives while being bombarded with glass shards.

The Jaws of Life sound effects library contains everything you need to audibly re-construct just about any car destruction and impact scene imaginable.

Microphones used – Neumann RSM191 (2), DPA 4061, Sennheiser 8040 (2), Sennheiser  8020, Rode NT4, Holophone h2-pro.

Secret Source sound library filenames are intuitively written for fast and easy access and organization. Each filename contains a unique identifier, a performance-group identifier, and a detailed performance description.Microphone information is provided in file metadata.

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