About the Sound Effects Library

Gritty, crisp, and real. The GRITTY EXTERIOR Footsteps library offers a rich selection of textures for your foley sound design. Mainly in the forest, it also provides a variety of fields, sand, pebble, gravel, and road surfaces.

Besides, this library contains all sound files as original loop recordings and samples already cut into individual files. The original records are represented with 96000Hz and 24Bit stereo while the so-called “game-ready” data are available in 44100Hz, 16Bit in stereo and mono.


The detailed list gives you an idea of the scope of this library. With over 850 individual .wav files, it offers a comprehensive selection of textures for layer work on your design. Or you can import the sounds directly into your game as many samples are cut, shortened, or faded. The surfaces are Tarmac, Gravel, Pebble, Grass, Tall Grass, Forest, Moss, Wooden Interior Floor, Tiles Floor, Branches, and Twigs plus some extra samples for movement through vegetations.

It was recorded as raw and left as nature is; beautifully crunchy and dirty gritty!

For recording, I used a ZoomH4n Pro.

Number of Files: 856 High Quality WAVS (00:19:27)
Size Unpacked: 492 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: ZoomH4n Pro
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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