About the Sound Effects Library

This is a recording of a very special De Tomaso Pantera from 1972 with a fantastic sound. It is equipped with a 4.6 litres BMW Alpina V8 engine that is treated as a race engine.

The recording consists of eight onboard channels and five exterior channels. The onboard microphones are interior left and right, air intake, engine front and back, exhaust left, right & distant center. The recording contains start, stop, idle, steady rpms in neutral, accelerations and decelerations, driving, horn, exterior passbys, aways and more. There is also a sequence with transmission noise recorded with a contact microphone included.

Number of Files: 61 High Quality WAVS (long)
Size Unpacked: 3.53 GB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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