About the Sound Effects Library

A pack of total 95 sounds of BMW E46 (2 litres, 170Hp, Manual stick). This modest (and very first) work of mine contains quite a few types of sounds (recorded in 2-6 channels) primarily; sounds of engine from under the hood plus exhaust while driving at several different speeds, slow/moderate/fast accelerations-decelerations, various engine RPM ramps, car stops & reverse driving, engine start/stop, engine idling, cold engine dying off recordings, interior ambience while driving, and a bunch of otherworldly electromagnetic sounds from onboard shall complete the collection. No foley, No Pass-bys. All files named and meta-tagged in Soundly.

Number of Files: 95 Files High Quality WAVS (61 Minutes)
Size Unpacked: 1.02GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Zoom F8 & H6
Omni mics – Clippy EM172 (Engine, Exterior, Interior)
Cardioids – Line Audio CM3 (Engine + Exhaust)
Shotgun Mic – Rode NTG4 (Clouse-Ups)
JRF Contact Mic (Engine)
Elektrosluch 3+ (Interior)
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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