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I know what you’re thinking: “I’ll never need to cut a DeLorean. Back to the Future has come and gone.” Not so fast! The car doesn’t only look unique, but its sounds are full of character; they range from sad to funny, depending on incline.

DeLorean Sound EffectsThis sound library offers the artist a way to elicit subconscious tones in a movie or show. Is an annoying Old Uncle driving up? Use the DeLorean. Is a geek trying to catch a beautiful woman’s attention, and failing? Use the DeLorean. Do you just need a car that sounds… well… not as powerful as the protagonists’ car? There are several of tracks that sound just that way. Try it, you won’t regret.

Number of Files: 239 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 13.8 GB
Sample Rate: 96k/24-bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged



All driving performances and recording techniques were planned with the sound fx editor in mind: we know what kinds of sounds the industry demands, and we compile the best quality sounds into a library organized for quick, easy and intuitive access. Whether it’s speeding up, slamming on the brakes, driving on the highway, or quietly idling through a neighborhood street, this library provides all.

Driving performances are simultaneously captured from within the cabin (with 5.1 surround-sound), in other parts of the vehicle (in the engine compartment, and from the tail-pipe), as well as from the exterior.

Secret Source sound library filenames are intuitively written for fast and easy access and organization. Each filename contains a unique identifier, a performance-group identifier, and a detailed performance description. Microphone and other information is also provided in file metadata.
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