About the Sound Effects Library

Join forces with the likes of the Allies or Axis and inspire an authentic MLG audio production experience. The War UI Sound Effects Library enables you to quickly outfit your characters with pre-built military classes, gear, inventory, notifications, unlocks and alerts. From natural and organic SFX to highly designed and processed epic war style electronic and digital SFX, all assembled into a value-packed comprehensive collection of 1750+ sounds and effects.

Recon, Assault, Medic, Engineer, Tech/Com Specialist and Infantry classes are organized to make quick work of class-defining and set up interactions. Drum cues hits and riffs are at the ready for movement signals, signs and impacts. Ammunition and clip loads, shell drops, knife and firearm swaps, gear packs and handgun cocks round out a hefty cache made for any past or present or future military themed production.

With War UI you can effortlessly transport your production straight to the battlefront with 2.6GB, over an hour of sound and all 96k 24bit HQ samples. The collection offers a complete user interface, kit building audio experience and like all Epic Stock Media sound libraries, War UI is battle tested (pun intended) and ready to use in your next game, animation, mobile app, explainer video, software, industrial design and theatrical performance projects. Includes 44.1k 16bit and Game Ready MP3 format files too. We command you to drag and drop War UI sounds into your epic military mix. Sir, Yes Sir! All royalty free.

War UI sound effects library is one of the latest installment in Epic Stock Media’s popular series of game genre sound libraries: Vibrant Game, Retro Game, Mobile Game, Ambient Game, Builder Game, Puzzle Game, Fantasy Game, Ancient Game, and Fantasy World (loops). All designed to make your audio life easier and faster with market leading quality and creativity, at an unquestionable value.

Product Details:
500+ designed sound effects
1200+ organic sound effects
2.6GB of samples
1 hour and 3 minutes of audio
All in .WAV 96k 24bit, 44.1k 16bit, MP3
Military User Interface Sound Effects Library
Geared towards AAA console games
Class specific sounds like engineer, infantry, medic, recon, tech/communications specialist
War-themed drum cues, cadences, and alerts
Gear, equipment, health, painkillers, loot crates, and unlocks
Game starts, navigations, menu transitions, latches, turns, buttons
Designed notifications, killstreaks, skill, upgrades,
Achievements, unlocks, purchases,
Backpacks, Metals, Liquid, Matches, Hinges

Number of Files: 1764 High Quality WAVS (1 hour 3 minutes)
Size Unpacked: 2.6 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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