About the Sound Effects Library

The Monster Roar sound library was designed for a vast range of projects including Film, Animation and even Video Game Development. Bring your monsters alive with carefully crafted monster vocalizations. The library contains attack, damage, death and idle vocalizations of creatures ready to be properly confronted and slain. All of the processed sounds come from raw files and were recorded in a professional recording environment using some of the best gear in the industry.

Monster Roars features processed and mastered sound effects ready to be unpacked and used immediately in your project. These are the fantastic and varied sound effects that put numerous breeds of creatures at your disposal.

– Attack, Damage, Death and Idle Sounds for an assortment of magical creatures
– 800+ Sounds
– Recorded with High-End Equipment
– All files at 96Khz, 24 bit
– Metadata included

Number of Files: 810 High Quality WAVS (17 Minutes & 10 Seconds)
Size Unpacked: 658.3 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: All sounds were recorded with a Sanken CO-100K and a Sennheiser MKH-418 S. All Mics were routed through Neve 1073 Preamps and carefully cleaned withing RX7 Advanced.
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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