About the Sound Effects Library

Bring all the monsters to life! Bestial roars, screams and murmurs of 6 bizzare creatures. From brutal deep growls to sharp ear-pearcing screeches.

Each character has several expression variations, such as “talk”, “scream”, “hit”, “attack” or “death”.

Black Boss
– brutal and dirty, hardcore metal-styled, saturated beast
Behemoth – deeply-growling, dark animal from shadow swamps
Ghoul – deeply-burbling, stagnant undead being
TwinHead – eerie, weird beast with multiple mutated vocal-cords
CruelGoblin – sharp, piercing, damned sabre-teeth mutant
DeadBaby – sharp, high-pitched, demonic spirit of an unlucky toddler

The preview consists of several 6Monsters sounds mixed with a light spatial effect and an ambience from The Horrid library.

Thanks Tombud at Pixabay for the cover image.

Number of Files: 142 High Quality WAVS (04:01)
Size Unpacked: 73 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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