About the Sound Effects Library

Edward The Foleyart CollectionEdward – The Foleyart Collection gives access instantaneously to thousands of high quality footsteps including different walking speeds, behaviours and surfaces.

Edward brings the timeless and high potential of Foley Artists that fits perfectly in today’s studio. Edwards flexibility originates from the unique arrangement of the microphones while recording.

The user receives the possibility to put the footstep suitably to the picture or the situation.


Key Features

  • 7.400 real Foley sounds in high quality HD WAV @ 24Bit, 96 kHZ
  • Different walking speeds and behaviors
  • Different shoes, surfaces and clothes
  • Unique recording setup to easily change footstep distance
  • All WAV files are Meta ready
Available Shoes: Business, Boots, High Heels, Slipper, Sneaker, Barefoot.
Available Surfaces: Concrete, Carpet, Timber Floor, Hardwood Floor, Gravel.
Available Clothes: Light, Medium, Jeans.
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