About the Sound Effects Library

Aphelion is a SFX Library with tons of new sound effects made for cinematic trailer, videos, movies, computer games or music productions like Drum’n’Bass, Dubstep or similar genres. It features new samples made by our own crew processed through modern effects recorded in 96kHz 24bit WAV. As a bonus, there are 2 folders called processed samples and rhythmic loops.

The samples in processed samples are ready to use samples which were processed with effects. Rhythmic loops is a folder with 2, 4, 8 or 16 beat long loops from 080 to 120 bpm using percussive elements and effects. Aphelion is our debut Sound FX library, after working years in the music business making factory sounds for a major list of companies like Yamaha Europe, Waldorf Music, reFX, LinPlug, Sugar Bytes, Ableton AG, Fabfilter, MOTU and many, many more, we started back in 2013 to make sfx for a PC game we worked on, we decided to make the sfx library available for everyone.

Features: – 1,38GB of 96kHz, 24bit – 760 samples categorized into – 003 Downriser long – 011 Downriser short – 105 Hits long – 267 Hits short – 005 Low subs – 050 Processed samples – 100 Rhythmic loops – 035 Upriser long – 059 upriser short – 059 Whooshes long – 066 Whooshes short.

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