About the Sound Effects Library


This 24 GB library is all about angles and options, making even the most complex perspective changes as easy as cutting cake. These files can be used to cut any older type car or van from the mid-50’s to early 80’s.

Secret Source sound library filenames are intuitively written for fast and easy access and organization. Each filename contains a unique identifier, a performance-group identifier, and a detailed performance description. Microphone and other information is also provided in file metadata.


Many films are shot inside office buildings, or on futuristic sci-fi planets, or beneath sweltering tropical canopies. Sometimes, however, they are filmed entirely inside of one car.

The indie movie Automotive was one such film – 78 minutes of pure ’64 Mercury Montclair. They recorded it idling, pulling up, slowing down, going fast, going away, doors, trunk sounds, tires skidding.. everything. Every performance was simultaneously captured with numerous microphones inside and outside of the car, even under the hood and on the muffler.

Microphones used – Holophone h2-pro, AKG d112, DPA 4062, Rode NTG-3, Neumann RSM-191, Rode nt4 (2), Crown SASS-P mk2, Sanken CSS-5, Shure SM57, Sony D50.


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Secret Source. For editors. By editors.

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