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Feast your ears on the latest collection of paper massacre (and some lovely page turning)! The White Stuff is a sample pack of 651 high-quality foley sounds recorded and edited in a 24bit/96kHz WAV format.
This collection features all manner of books, papers, magazines, boxes, card and so on being torn, ripped, cut, turned, opened, closed, dropped, crunched, crumpled, destroyed, folded and many more… These handy recordings of the white stuff are presented in a way that can be used and combined to make new and exciting SFX or dropped straight into a foley channel. All files have had metadata meticulously added to ensure easy search optimisation.

Large Hardback Book(s)
Medium Hardback Book(s)
Small Hardback Book(s)
Large Paperback Book(s)
Medium Paperback Book(s)
Small Paperback Book(s)
Packing Paper
Business Cards
Birthday Card
Large Envelope(s)
Small Envelopes(s)
Paper Bag
Photo Album
Pile of Books
Cardboard Box
A4 Paper
Baking Paper
Wrapping Paper
Kitchen Roll
Toilet Roll
Pen on Paper
Pencil on Paper
Ringbound Binder
Vinyl Sleeve

Pack includes:
651 Audio Files in 24bit/96khz WAV format.
Library Datasheet.
This User Manual

Number of Files: 651 High Quality WAVS (11:13:487)
Size Unpacked: 198 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Recorded edited and mixed using Pro Tools 12 and RX Audio Editor 7.
Recorded with an AKG C414 & Sennheiser ME66
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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