About the Sound Effects Library

This library of the World War II fighter North American P-51D Mustang, equipped with a supercharged V12 Packard engine, was recorded during two different sessions.

The first session was recorded stationary on the ground, performing startups, idle, steady rpms, throttling to simulate action flying or damaged engine, ramps and shutdown. It contains 20 channels with both onboard and exterior perspectives, such as cockpit, engine, exhausts, various distances and some wild foley such as buttons, switches, and canopy. This session was originally recorded in 48 kHz, but has been converted to 96 kHz for compatibility.

The second session was recorded during flight, and covers status, taxiing, take off, flying, flybys, landing and shutdown. It contains three onboard channels from the cockpit, and 16 exterior channels positioned around the airfield.

Number of Files: 107 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 11.05 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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