About the Sound Effects Library

A friend of mine asked me if I had any use for a plate of steel that was 28 feet long, 12 feet wide and about a half an inch thick… I said not really unless it was suspended off the ground and could vibrate freely… Well, three hours later with a lot of microphones and a bunch of stuff that was laying around, this is what you get. There is a schoeps (The A microphone…) A Neumann KMR81i (The B microphone…) and a Contact Microphone… The samples are again a random picking from the lot. Lots of fun stuff, and all in sync with it self, so really easy to fade from live microphones to contact microphones and vice versa as well as some great ripping dopplers.

metal plateThese 157 files are all 24/96. Recorded with a Schoeps, Neumann Microphones and AKG contact microphone. To a Sound Devices 744t with some Pre-Amps on the front end. All files have complete metadata embedded with Sound Miner.

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