About the Sound Effects Library

The Woodstock Animal Sanctuary has a bunch of pigs. These guys are huge. I am reasonably sure they would have eaten me if they could. I took my father, who was a farmer of sorts in his day, up there to visit the people who run the farm. We showed up on the day they were trimming the tusks of some of the larger pigs (by large I mean 400+ lbs). So recorder in hand I spent the better part of a cold day in a barn with a bunch of animals who were tired, pissed off and loud as hell. I love how chesty and big they sound. They pitch really well as they are all 96khz..

These 180 files are all 24/96. (it is true, I just edited this description, the dog session is 48. I miss-spoke and said these were also, but in fact the pigs are 96…) They were recorded with a Schoeps Microphone to a Sound Devices 744t with some Pre-Amps on the front end. All files have complete metadata embedded with Sound Miner.

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