About the Sound Effects Library

dogThese dogs were recruited in Brooklyn, NY from the “man” (in this case actually a woman…) who used to run my block. This is the Mom, Dad and one of their sons. We gave them a break from the big city and took them to the country to play. Now play for them sounds pretty rough but I assure you they had a delightful day of it. These have a bit of room on them and they pitch beautifully. They are fantastic for primary design or just to sweeten here and there.

These files are all 24/48. In four folders with 409 total files they were recorded with a Schoeps and some Neumann Microphones to a Sound Devices 744t with some Pre-Amps on the front end. All files have complete metadata embedded with Sound Miner.

A small asside, for those of you interested, these were recorded here, the IR from the living room is one of my favorites.

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