About the Sound Effects Library

Including sounds of driving off road, road, macadam road, interior/exterior of vehicle…near, mid, far field, rough terrain, snow, gravel…

Land Rover Defender FX sound library. In this library you can find numerous sounds of tdi 300 (2.4 litre, 113 HP) diesel engine of this iconic 4×4 vehicle. Apart from engine sounds there are sounds of interior of the vehicle like: switches, vents, ventilators, door opening, hand/parking brake, window opening, etc. Recorded in two position, near field and mid field. These sound are in sync so you can mix them together if needed. There are recorded “room tones” of vehicle: in drive, stationary-engine off, while raining, in windy day, etc.

Sounds of exterior like: doors, windows opening/close, engine start, engine running, engine off, etc. are also here.

Furthermore sounds of driving on road, macadam road, off road, in woods with branches scratching the vehicle, sounds of gravel under the tires (external mic., recorded in motion) are here too. You can find here sounds of vehicle in drive (with mics placed on roof rack) on asphalt road and macadam road as well. Just listen to library preview.

Every file is metadata tagged with description of action recorded, mic used and placement.

Number of Files: 121 High Quality WAVS (1 h 57 min)
Size Unpacked: 3.69 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH 60/40/30, Sennheiser G4 systems, Primo em172; Rycote blimps, suspensions; Sound Devices MixPre, Sound Devices 744T; Manfrotto, Triton, K&M tripods; Mogami cables
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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