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Hybrid Trailer – Inspired by box office hit movies like Ex Machina, The Terminator, Justice League, Dark Knight

Now entering a sub atomic superhero war zone! Introducing Hybrid Trailer! The action packed, adrenaline rising, Post apocalyptic, Tokyo city cinematic sound effects library that throws down. Thrill your audience with futuristic drop dead gorgeous heavy bass cinematic dynamic, hardcore Rise and hits, Earth Shattering Trailer impacts, Sinister Braaams and screechers! Score Trailers, Compose soundtracks with hot Neon heat waves, flashing risers, whooshes, stutters and shimmers.

Hybrid Trailer includes full bodied rich tones that raise the dead and audience mass to full alert code red! Don’t forget inside you will find themed trailer hits for moods like aggressive, tension, brute, adrenaline, dark, atmospheric, and style like Action scenes, Decisive moment, Apocalyptic Doom, and more! Turn into Agent Hollywood with this secret sound bank. Let the bombastic tension of your audience Blair roar and showtime dirty with this feature standing with over 500+ cutting edge movie trailer sounds effects that leave a massive impact. Literally! Ha!

Inside you get a complete hybrid movie trailer toolkit and instantly pushes you to the top of the line trailer sound designer. Incredible file format quality in provided too!

Product Details:
503 files
Over 1+ hours of audio
All in .WAV 96k 24bit file format
Game and Film Trailer Sound Effects Library
100 Horn Braaams of Doom, Apocalypse, Distant, Warfare, and Aggressive
120 Impacts and Hits in Dark, Atmospheric, Aggressive, Metallic, Sinister, Tension themes & more
80 Rise and Hits for Actions Scenes, Adrenaline Rising, Decisive Moments, Eerie, Brute Force & more
83 Rises Whooshes Transitions in ambient, droning, cyber transitions, morphs, pass-bys and stutter whooshes
120 Stingers and Stutters in Ghostly, Glitch, Hi-tech, Complex, and Slow

Number of Files: 503 High Quality WAVS (1hr)
Size Unpacked: 2.52 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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