About the Sound Effects Library

cover_fourbit_3kThis is a typical small-size-robot voice, with metallic resonances. It is very intelligible, you can use it for any robot that needs to talk a lot with the listener. Put the power of a professionally designed robot into your next game, mobile app or music track!

This edition of the fourbit library contains more than 3000 words, that have been chosen amongst the most common English ones. This allows you to build with this voice the sentences you need for your project.


Each word comes in three versions differing for the used effects (but you can request a custom one if you need to):

1.dry no reverb, usually needed only if you plan to add your own reverb/spacial effect
2.small reverb good for everyday use, a nice reverb that places the voice in its space without being distracting
3.large reverb good to emulate large spaces, dungeons, churches, evil monsters from hell, etc

All sounds have been built with absolute high quality gear and methodology, with no exceptions. All the signal processing chain uses 32 bit – 96 Khz precision. Clipping and saturation are carefully avoided everywhere.

The final samples are then downsized to 24 bit – 44Khz (i.e. DVD quality), and finally manually double-checked using different devices (i.e. studio monitors, good headphones, tablets, iPad/iPhone, etc) to ensure a top-notch experience in every listening configuration.

All the files have been tagged with BWF meta information, for easy integration with your favorite editor and/or custom tools in large projects.

*** How to use ***

The sounds of this library are .wav files compatible with all the common DAWs and audio/video editing software.

**Library Browsing**
Each sound library comes with a readme file with the last minute information as well as with a custom audiobrowser html file. This html page allow you to quickly audit all the included files and find the needed ones.

** Voices: sentence building using a DAW or audio editor **

Let’s say you want to build the sentence “game over”, with a little reverb, using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation like Cubase, Logic, Live, Reaper, etc…) or an editor (like Audacity, SoundForge, etc)

You will need to:
1) open the audiobrowser html file. Find the “game___small_reverb.wav” and “over___small_reverb.wav” files.
2) import the files in the project (usually a simple drag&drop will just work)
3) time align the two wave files in order to sound it right. You will need to set some overlap, so that the tail from the first word blends into the second one, and so on. That’s it!

With this simple method, you will be able to create as many sentences as you want. In case you need additional words or do you want me to create the sentences for you to save time, just CONTACT ME .

** Voices: sentence building using programming (for games, apps, etc) **

Ok, if you are reading this maybe you are developing something like an app or a game that needs to “speak” using the voice including in the library.

You will need just to:
1) split the sentence into words
2) enqueue each word into your audio engine, allowing for some overlap, so that the reverb tail from the first word gracefully blend with the next one


Number of Files: 9027 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 3.4 GB
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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