About the Sound Effects Library

Chain Ferry features the remarkable sounds of a 100 year old ferry with a specific drive system. The ferry pulls along a strong chain lying at the ground of the river to cross. This is achieved by a clever combination of 3 drive wheels that guide the chain and prevent it from dropping to the ground.

The Library contains several complete audio takes of the ferry in action – from departure to arrival. This encompasses engine start, engine idle, loading ramp noises and bangs plus a lot of chain rattling from various perspectives. The sounds are recorded aboard and from both sides of the river so that the entire scenery can be covered acoustically.

Chain Ferry content:
• 17 files, 24Bit/96 KHz
• embedded BWAV compatible descriptions
• 2 GB (extracted)
• Total playing time of 56min
• Extensive meta-data documents for SM import

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