About the Sound Effects Library

CamelCamel Vocals Faunethic sound library is a unique collection of 47 growling, gargling and breathing sounds recorded with high quality equipment in the desert of Jordan.

Classed in 5 differents track, this collection includes:
Camel vocals grow medium x20
Camel vocals grow long x14
Camel vocals grow short x6
Camel vocals gargling x6
Camel vocals breath

This collection provides original voice texture to design monsters and animals! All Faunethic tracks include metadata tags filled with Soundminer. All tracks are delivered as 48k/24bit .wav files. This collections come in easily downloadable zip file.

Number of Files: 5 High Quality WAVS (1,52 min)
Size Unpacked: 11.5 MB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Mic: Neumann KM185 – Preamp: Aeta Mixy – Recorder: PCM D-100
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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