About the Sound Effects Library

The Inner ambience sound effects library is a collection of high definition sounds recorded inside various spaces using matched stereo contact microphones. So they are not actual ambiences in traditional way.

Each ambience has its own unique character and natural frequency modulation. Some of them has constant velocity like industrial hum, power block energy field, fans, compressors, others have weird fluctuations like road columns affected by wind and passing by cars, bridge columns, fences, water pipes: some of the mechanical and electrical sequences were recorded as well, such as water pump, loan mowers, automatic window rollers, pool cover mechanism and others.

prtsfx_library_cover_in_am_300_270_2The audio files could be used, as they are – for dark, eerie, confusing atmospheres or elements in your game or film projects.

It is a good source for further manipulation and designing new sounds as it is recorded in 24/96. In addition to the pack there are designed sounds of these recordings to give you an idea of how you can push them in a different creative way and of course use it in your projects as well.

You get 60 24/96 sound files all meta tagged, total length of 1 hour 25 min

The library includes such categories as:
-Wind and car affected recordings of Road columns, fences, bridge columns, extractor hood, city rolling boards.
-Hum and buzz of compressors, computer ambience, fans, energy supply blocks, commercial boiler system.
-Electrical sequences of automatic window roller, pool compressor, insect trap.
-Mechanical sequences of iron water pump, manual window roller, vintage clock, dust mover with rotating mechanism, swing, pool cover, squeaky boat rowing.
-Engine and ignition sounds of loan mowers, leave blower, grass trimmer, pool compressor
-Water ambiences and sequences of leaking pump, sink stream, pool water stream, hookah bubbling.
-Additional stuff like rattles, electric zaps.
-Designed drone sequences.

Number of Files: 60 High Quality WAVS (1 hour 25 min)
Size Unpacked: 3 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: JrF contact microphones
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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