About the Sound Effects Library

basement-corridorBASEMENT CORRIDOR is a collection in 5.1 SURROUND (and stereo format too) of 21 high quality recorded romtoones, ambiences and SFX sounds from building’s undergrounds.

Quiet Room tones, room tones with additional hum, fan, blower, ventilations, flows of pipe water, compressor engine with extinction and activation…and also big doors slammed with huge corridor reverb at distance… All those sounds can be used in a BASEMENT CORRIDOR movie set environment.

All recordings were made with a DPA 5100 microphone and are around 3 minutes long. All files are meticulously meta-tagged and can be used in wide range of productions.

A perfect addition for post production company or freelance sound designer sound effect library.

Number of Files: OS 06 BASEMENT CORRIDOR High Quality WAVS (21)
Size Unpacked: 58 min
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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