About the Sound Effects Library

This sound effects collection contains nothing but unremarkable ambiances recorded at completely unremarkable locations. Contains things such as: Drones, Traffic, Crowds, Birds, Weather, Stations plus a whole lot more. Over 50 long-form HD recordings for your delight. All high quality source material for use in your production.


Birds.zip600 MB
Construction.zip – 190 MB
Crowd.zip515 MB
Drones.zip290 MB
Insects.zip425 MB
Traffic 1.zip1.38 GB
Traffic 2.zip1.38 GB
Trains.zip575 MB
Weather.zip1.13 BG

All 96kHz/24bit wav audio. Metadata included. This library is going cheap so get it whilst you can. It contains lots of high-quality source material that took me a long time to record.


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