About the Sound Effects Library

Ethiopia is a unique collection of 63 sounds recorded through central and northern part of Ethiopia during a period of holly festivities.
All these sounds has been recorded and produced with high quality equipment.

This collection offers a wide diversity of soundscapes such as:

-Prayers and ceremonies, outside and into stone carved churches
-Active volcano, captured at the edge of the crater
-Geological and geothermal activity
-Busy and crowded cities
-Quiet villages and countryside
-Market indoor and outdoors, from big to small
-Forest mountain of Simien national park, up to 4500m
-Tuktuk ride from captured at different perspectives

This library provides authentic and interesting sounds, recorded with DPA, MBHO and Neumann mics powered by an Aeta 4minX.

All Faunethic tracks includes metadata carefully edited, compatible with Soundminer, Soundly and Basehead.

Number of Files: 63 High Quality WAVS (190)
Size Unpacked: 11.22 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: DPA, MBHO and Neumann mics powered by an Aeta 4minX
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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