About the Sound Effects Library

cylindrical-gongCylindrical Gong is a collection of high quality, 24bit/96kHz stereo recordings from a strange, cylindrical, gong-like sheet metal object I came across once. I use the word gong, but there is none of the cymbal-like sheen in this object. Instead, you get more of a ring-modulated, atonal texture – perhaps more like a broken bell. Definitely not your typical gong sound effect.

The 27 different gong sound recordings included provide loads of nuance of sound from this object – since I used mallets, knuckles and fingernails to play it. Load them into different velocity ranges on your favorite sampler, pitch them up and down, add effects, etc.

Use them for musical effects, for layering with other sounds, or perhaps mangle them beyond recognition.

All files are stereo, and you will notice that some are more present in one channel than in the other.
I did this because it created some interesting phase effects, that makes for somewhat livelier sounds.
You can of course always mix down to mono if you like.

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