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gore-300x439Blood, Guts, Gore and More! I have always loved bone breaks and blood splatters and all things horror. While creating Combat Library Volume 1 ( aka Punch Sound Effects ), I wanted to add in blood and guts and bone breaks. But, I knew I wouldn’t be doing the sounds justice unless I spent the time to craft unique and exciting elements.

Instead of trying to do a rush job and add on a few gore sounds, I decided to make a whole library of Gore! I spent a few months recording, processing and experimenting. I wanted to get all the gore sounds I’ve always wanted in my projects at work. I wanted to get those brutal blood splatters, chilling knife stabs and crisp bone breaks I couldn’t find anywhere!

I’m excited to share these gruesome recordings with you all! All the sounds are mastered and ready to be dropped into any environment. It is a complete library of all things gore! I even bought a saw and used it on actual bones…that is dedication!

Blood, Guts, Bone Breaks, Sword/Knife Stabs and Cuts, Splatters, Spurts, Tears, Impacts, Sawing, Bonus Punches with Gore.

Special Designed Sounds:
Knife/Sword Stabs and Cuts, Bone Breaks, Blood Splatters, BONUS Punches with Gore.

Number of Files: 128 High Quality WAVS / 600+ Sounds
Size Unpacked: 1.14 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sennheiser MKH8040 Stereo Rig, Sound Devices 702.
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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