About the Sound Effects Library

L_TrainsPrevThe L is a collection of 136 sounds of Chicago’s elevated trains. The library includes exterior train movements and bys, recorded underground, open cut*, and above ground at various heights from grade level to 25 feet in the air. There is also a selection of train stop ambiences and train interior sounds.

Many of the sounds have been processed with EQ to clear up the low midrange and add a little bit of high end. Some designers may prefer to add their own EQ, so unprocessed versions of these sounds are included as well. These are indicated by “noEQ” at the end of the filename.

* An open cut subway is where the trench for the subway is built below street level but is left uncovered (in the open air).

Number of Files: 136 High Quality WAVS (1:54:50)
Size Unpacked: 4.04 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Recorded with an Audio-Technica BP4025 stereo mic into a Sound Devices 722, and a Zoom H5 – Post-production processing: SSL EQ plug-in
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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