About the Sound Effects Library

All recordings made in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are platform ambiences, train interior and exterior, escalators, underground tunnels with people.

Recorded in quadro on Nevaton MC 50 QUAD; in double-MS on Oktava MK-012 set; in stereo on AKG C414 pair. The double-MS recordings were encoded to quadro and the sources(Mid, Side, Rear) included as well.

DMS at the end of file name means Double-MS recording; Quadro means direct quadro recording; AKG means stereo recording.

Number of Files: 58 High Quality WAVS (133)
Size Unpacked: 12 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Sounddevices 744t, ZOOM F8, Nevaton MC 50 QUAD, Oktava MK-012, AKG C414
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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