About the Sound Effects Library

ancient-game-lg-1Contains over 1500 valuable designed and source MMO game ready audio assets. Step into a world of warcraft and fantasy with Ancient Game – The Legendary RPG Adventure Game Sound Library by Epic Stock Media! Includes Magic, Warfare, Gore, Treasures, Mechanisms, Monsters, Loop-able ambiences and more! All in 96k/24Bit for optimum clarity and supernatural sound.

-All in 96k 24Bit .wav
-1,500+ files
-Adventure Game Sound Library
-Magic Spells, Buffs and Whooshes
-Cannon and Flintlock Black Powder Shots
-Magic Conjures, Sparkles, and Glitter
-Items, Treasure, Touches, Specials
-Positive Fantasy Collects and Achievements
-Game Equipment, Bags, and Perks
-MMO UI Tabs, Menu Transition, Slides and Clicks
-Mining Hammer, Leatherworking, Crafting
-Enchanting, Bubbles, Pops, Apothercery FX
-Monster Orcs Grunts, Deaths and Groans
-Organic Mechanisms, Turns, Twists, Unlocks
-Levers, Cranks, Doors, Inventory Bags,
-Pulleys, Wooden Wheels,
-Tribal FX, like Singing Bowls, and Shaman Sorcery
-Organic Metals, Sockets and Switches
-Potions, Elixirs, and Liquids
-RPG Tonal Loop-able Ambiences
-Nature Loops, and Organic Source
-Blood Guts and Warfare Gore

Number of Files: 1508 High Quality WAVS (1.12 Hours)
Size Unpacked: 2.86 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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