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From 24/96 Sound Effects. Ambisonic Surround Crowds features 60 HD 24bit/96khz Surround Sound Effects with a large selection of crowds from Conventions, Museums, Markets, Playgrounds, Parks, Carnivals, Casinos and Restaurants. Both Exterior and Interior.

Mastered in 3 configurations: Ambisonic B format (FuMa 1st Order FOA WXYZ), 5.1 Surround Sound (L-C-R-Ls-Rr-Lf ) and Stereo (L-R) Recorded with a Brahma Ambisonic Microphone and a Zoom F8 recorder with special attention given to avoiding intelligible words.

Recording locations are all from centre perspective. In the middle of the crowd to give the widest image. Most tracks are 2 Minutes long with embedded metadata.

All new, original recordings. Want a taste of what’s included? Download the B Format Surround Demo file here: DOWNLOAD and try it out on your own system!

Number of Files: 60 High Quality WAVS (125 min each)
Size Unpacked: 13.3 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Brahma Microphone, Zoom F8 recorder, Reaper, Pro Tools 12
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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