About the Sound Effects Library

A pack of 50 crisp engaging animation style sound effects to bring your infographics flat design videos to life. Audio whooshes, swishes, sliders, pops, digital clicks, tings, zaps, tones, applause and more..

Pack includes 50 sounds: Metallic Riser, Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh, Audio Slider, Audio Slider, Digital Clicks, Robot Servo Down, Vox Whoosh, Mouth Pop, Mouth Pops Descending, Electric Stutter, Case Wallet Click Shut, Applause and whooping, Man having hysterics laughing, Cartoon Voice Wheeeeeeeeee, Mechanical servo, Paper tear, Page Turn, Scissors, Biro circle, Biro crossing out, Pen Writing, Cotton Rip, Doorbell Chime, Paper scrumpled up and thrown in bin, Magical ascending bell, Magical descending bell, Magical Fairy dust bell, Mouse Click, Typing on PC keyboard, Old Manual Typewriter, Ascending Harp, Descending Harp, Ting Positive, Correct Answer, Notification tone, Positive Pad, Underliner, Service Bell, Group Hello, Group Bye, Group Laughing, Morse code, Sparkler, Marimba Tones 1, Marimba Tones 2, Arrow Whooshes into tree, Countdown, Digital Text.


Number of Files: 50 High Quality WAVS (2:40)
Size Unpacked: 28.2 MB
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz/16bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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