About the Sound Effects Library

Weapons of World War II is Super Thumps first of many sound libraries recorded and designed by film and video game industry veterans!

This library features 14 different weapons, some of them quite rare, that were commonly used in World War II between German and American forces, and were recorded at various distances, perspectives, and firing modes with a wide array of microphones. They have been compiled together and designed with a punch, ready for you to easily drop into your project! Each weapon contains multiple variations and versions.

Weapons included:
M1919 Browning Machine Gun – Single Shots, Burst, Full Auto
M1911 Colt 45 Pistol – Single Shots
BAR M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle – Single Shots
Gewehr 43 Rifle – Single Shots
M3 Grease Gun Submachine Gun – Single Shots, Burst, Full Auto
Karabiner K98 Rifle – Single Shots
Luger Pistol – Single Shots
M1 Carbine Rifle – Single Shots
M1 Garand Rifle – Single Shots and Empty “Ping!” Shots
MG42 Machine Gun – Burst, Full Auto
MP40 Submachine Gun – Single Shots, Burst, Full Auto
P38 Walther Pistol – Single Shots
M1 Thompson Submachine Gun – Single Shots, Burst, Full Auto
M1903 Springfield Sniper Rifle – Single Shots

133 Variations

Number of Files: 18 High Quality WAVS, 133 Variations. (10 min 43 seconds)
Size Unpacked: 350 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: MKH 8040s, MKH 30, Schoeps CCM8, Sanken CO-100k, MKH 416, MKH 8060, MKH 8070, DPA 4062, MKH 418, MD 421, SM87, Sound Devices 633, Sound Devices 702t, Sound Devices 744, Sound Devices 788, Zoom F8, Sony D100, Sony D50, Sony M10
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