About the Sound Effects Library

This is a wide-ranging collection of underground atmospheres that includes the sounds of tunnels, sewers, subway galleries, natural caves and caverns of all sizes and depths.

This album includes wet tunnels where you can hear water dripping, and occasionally freaky eerie metallic sounds from the old rusty structures hiding in the darkness. A slight wind blows by, creating a dark and scary atmosphere. One can’t help wonder but where it came from all the way down here.

In the ice cavern where it is very cold, you can hear the wind howling, a little stream of melted ice in the background, and the clinking of icicles echoing off the frozen walls.

You’ll also find the atmospheres of abandoned castles, dungeons, old monasteries and more.

Note that all the sounds in this library are created from scratch with a mixture of on-site recording as well as artificial sounds.
The reason I chose this approach for this album and in my work in general, is that the sounds used in films, documentaries and video games are often strongly exaggerated compared to the corresponding sounds in real life. We all remember the “punch in the face” sounds from Indiana Jones!

This library contains 33 tracks for a total of 1.4 Gb, plus a few free bonus sounds. All files are Stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format. All atmospheric tracks are loops.

Number of Files: 33 High Quality WAVS (90:27)
Size Unpacked: 1.43 GB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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