About the Sound Effects Library

This sound library consists of numerous vocalizations of two animals: The Roe deer (The European roe deer – Capreolus capreolus) and the Red deer (The Central European red deer – Cervus elaphus hippelaphus). This is a great working tool for sound designers to create, sounds of monsters, imaginary animal creatures etc… If you are working in natural history documentary projects this library is perhaps what you’re looking for. On many of these recordings, there is some great natural echo and some really nice ambience captured.

Other recordings are background/reverberation free and can be easily manipulated for sound design purposes. All of the Roe deer recordings were recorded in spring whilst the Red deer recordings were recorded during their annual roaring season, September and October. The sounds of the Doe barking were recorded in summer and spring.

Max. peak level on all recordings is -5 dBFS (for great dynamic range, and great headroom).
Recording/file resolution: 96kHz/24bit; 88,2kHz/24bit; 44,1kHz/24bit; 44,1kHz/16bit
Recorded in MS, XY, SASS(quasi-binaural), mic setup and with parabolic reflector.

Recordings: Recorded in MS stereo pair there is MID mic and SIDE mic. These recordings are available in separate files, giving you greater freedom in your sound design and mix. This includes MS stereo files ready to use as normal XY (left/right channel) stereo files.

Recordings are separated in different folders by animal species and microphone setup/technique. A total of 63 wave files are available in 5 separate folders, 1.22GB size, 43min 55sec.

Recorded with Sennheiser (MKH 60,40,30), AKG (C391B/CK94) – all MS recordings, all SASS recordings with Primo em172 mics. Recorders are: Sound Devices 744T, Sony PCM-M10 – all SASS recordings, Sony PCM-D50 – all XY recordings; Pre amp/field mixer: Sound Devices Mix Pre; Other: Rycote windshield and windjammer, Mogami cables with Neutrik connectors, Manfrotto tripods etc.

Number of Files: 63 High Quality WAVS (43 min 55 sec)
Size Unpacked: 1.22 GB
Sample Rate: 44.1-96kHz/16-24bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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