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DTA - Rain and Thunder_sonnissDo you want to make some immersive rain? Do you need perfect loops of rain in your game? Do you want to add some tension with thunder?

Rain and Thunder is a collection of high quality sounds recorded over a timespan of several years at different locations with a mid side and XY rig. This sound pack contains variations of rain like for example soft, hard, under metal, under plastic, on plastic, with thunder and with thunder rumble.

This pack is guaranteed to immerse the listener with the pattering drips of water and the roaring thunder!

All sounds included are meta data tagged(keywords+description) for use in soundminer/basehead etc.

Total of 73 files with a total of 39+ minutes in duration.
Every file included is meta data tagged with keywords and a description/tags for use in soundminer/basehead etc.
Recorded with a Oktava MK012’s in Mid Side configuration and Zoom H6 XY.
Recorded at 96 kHz 24 bit with a total uncompressed file size of 1.75 GB.

Number of Files: 73 High Quality WAVS
Size Unpacked: 1.75 GB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Oktava MK012’s in Mid Side configuration and Zoom H6 XY
Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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