About the Sound Effects Library

Gone is the era of the typewriter, when the cacophony of countless typebars striking the platen could be heard emanating from every office building, but with SkewSound’s QWERTY Sound Library, you can recreate those days.

We used an electromechanical typewriter from the 1970s to create this library. This allowed us to get some unique sounds that simply can’t be created with an older, mechanical typewriter. In this library you’ll find some stellar machine gun-like mechanical sounds, impacts, sweeteners, motor hums, and more mechanical switch and button effects than you’ll know what to do with.

Recorded, edited, and delivered in full 96kHz/24bit high definition audio
1300+ sound effects
Fully embedded Soundminer metadata

(Every performance was multi-mic’d, providing you with a greater range of tonal qualities to modify to your hearts content).

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